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Where to Buy an AC Unit in Shreveport

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Shreveport’s summers are known for high temperatures and humidity. Thank goodness for air conditioning units. When the heat gets to be too much, area residents can enjoy cool air inside. Our air conditioning is an essential modern convenience that is also a necessity for those living in Louisiana. Shreveport temperatures often soar above 100 degrees in the summer. So, this creates an emergency situation when your air conditioning unit breaks down. You will more than likely find yourself looking to buy an AC unit if this happens to you.

Whether you need a replacement AC unit or you’ve decided to purchase a new AC unit for your home, buying an AC unit involves many decisions. Thankfully, our team at Pioneer Comfort Systems has the expertise you need to find the perfect unit for your house. Find out how to compare brands, the importance of choosing the right new air conditioner for your home. Our customers discover great deals when they purchase central air conditioning systems with Pioneer Comfort Systems.

We also offer AC units for commercial use.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Unit

AC units last around a decade. So, if it’s been a while since you had to buy an AC unit, you’ll notice new models are more energy-efficient and cost less to run.

While purchasing new central air condition systems never tops the list for ‘fun expenditures’, many homeowners are excited to learn that purchasing a ductless air conditioner is also more affordable than in the past. These units are a great option in older homes or additions without ductwork installed.

We usually tend to believe that bigger is always better. However, this is not the case with air conditioners. It’s important to choose the proper unit size when you’re looking for an energy-efficient and cost-effective option for your home or business.

The first step in sizing an AC unit for your home is a professional assessment.

Finding the Right Air Conditioner Based on Your Needs

A qualified Pioneer Comfort Systems HVAC technician creates a comprehensive evaluation based on these features of your home:

  • Square footage
  • Ceiling height
  • Sun exposure and weather trends
  • Ductwork
  • Insulation
  • Geographic location


You’ll also want to take your family’s preferences and needs into consideration when selecting a new air conditioner.

Before buying a new AC system, this assessment points you to the proper size of the unit. Air conditioners also include a SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating. This rating helps consumers compare the efficiency of various brands and models to find the best AC unit for their home. A higher SEER rating indicates greater energy efficiency. Most new air conditioners have a SEER rating that ranges between 13 and 21. There are other features to consider, of course, so it’s convenient to have an HVAC expert help you choose your new AC equipment.

What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioning Units?

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There are four different types of air conditioners systems from which to select your new equipment:

Central air conditioning is the most popular type of cooling system. Central air conditioner systems pull air from inside the building and compress it with freon in the condensing unit outside. The condenser coils turn the remaining gas into a hot liquid. The liquid then moves to the evaporator coils on the furnace unit indoors and evaporates into a cooled gas. The HVAC system’s ductwork and fans push the air throughout the building. 

Mini-split air conditioners may be the best option if your home does not have pre existing ductwork. A mini-split unit allows you to control the temperature in different zones within your home or business. These ductless air systems also use less electricity and only need a single power supply connection. 

The process of cooling air in window ac units is similar to that of a centralized system. However, rather than cooling the entire home, a window ac unit only cools the room it is in. Fans inside the unit blow cold air into the room, while also pushing hot air back outside through the window. 

Geothermal heat pumps use ground-sourced temperatures and offer both heating and cooling capabilities. The equipment uses a water and antifreeze solution in tubing placed about four feet underground. It captures heat and routes it through the unit’s compressor. From that point, the process is similar to that of the central air conditioning system.

Dual fuel air systems also share similarities with central air conditioners. The noteworthy difference is that dual fuel units lower your energy bill expenses by using heat pump technology. These systems are ideal for those living in colder parts of the country.   

Portable air conditioners are self-contained cooling units ideal for cooling single rooms. Typically, the unit sits on the floor and has wheels on the bottom for easy transport. Set up is quick and they come with an attached hose that vents hot air outside. Most units are vented through a window.

New AC Unit Prices

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The cost of your new air conditioning system depends on several factors including your home or building’s size, unit location, average weather, ductwork, and your geographic location. The type of unit you go with also plays a significant role in the price tag. 

Central air conditioner and heating systems are likely the best choice if your home has existing ductwork. This helps cut down on costs. Depending on the size of your home and your unit, as well as other considerations such as installation costs, the total average cost for a central air conditioning and heating system ranges between $10,000 and $20,000.  

Mini-split pricing varies depending on the number of zones that need air conditioning. It can be pricey if you have a large home that requires several units. Taking the varying costs into consideration, the estimated total cost for the mini-split units and installation runs between $5,000 and $15,000.

A window AC unit is the most economical air conditioner. These are the cheapest units on the market and they usually do not require installation. Consumers simply place them in the window of the room they’re conditioning. Window unit sales are based on the unit’s power level which is measured in British thermal units (BTUs). Sales also consider the size of the room where the unit will be placed. The average price for a window unit is $150 to $500.

Installation of geothermal heat pumps requires significant labor making it one of the most expensive options. The process includes digging trenches and laying the piping. The total price averages between $20,000 and $50,000. Despite the cost, geothermal heat pumps use minimal gas or electricity and are one of the most efficient ways to cool a building.   

Like geothermal heat pumps, dual fuel systems can save you money on your energy costs. The price to install a system varies according to the size of your home or building. However, the average cost of the unit and installation ranges between $12,000 and $23,000

Portable air conditioners (PAC) are very affordable and cost a couple hundred dollars for a unit suitable for residential use. There are no installation costs and an energy-efficient model that uses less electricity will cost less than $400. However, a commercial grade unit can cost thousands of dollars. Don’t buy a unit with bells and whistles such as Wi-Fi connectivity because the unit’s cost is significantly more than a basic PAC.

Buy an AC Unit in Shreveport

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Compare leading brands and systems at Pioneer Comfort Systems to discover the best unit at the best price. We offer a range of American Standard air conditioners that use the latest technology to keep your home or office comfortable.

Compare the premier Gold Series American Standard AC line with Silver Series AC options, and discover how you can balance affordable prices and high-end performance. Don’t hesitate to ask about the differences between systems to learn how you can save money while still enjoying a durable, long-lasting air conditioner or HVAC system.

Discover Great Deals on a New AC Unit

Check out the latest specials and ask about rebates and other options for your new HVAC unit. At Pioneer Comfort Systems, we have over 60 years of experience working with homeowners in Shreveport, Bossier City, and the nearby communities, to improve their indoor air quality with affordable, reliable HVAC systems. Contact us today at (318) 378-5729 to receive an assessment and estimate for a new or replacement AC unit at your location in Louisiana.

At Pioneer Comfort Systems, we also offer the following air conditioning services in Shreveport, LA: residential air conditioner repair and commercial air conditioner repair, residential air conditioner installation and commercial air conditioner installation, and residential ac maintenance and commercial ac maintenance,