Furnace Installation Services in Shreveport

Shreveport Heater and Furnace Installation

Shreveport, Louisiana is known for high temperatures almost all year. However, for a few short months, we do experience some pretty drastic temperature changes. And, during these months, homeowners don’t want to be caught without working heaters.

No one wants to be cold in the winter, so you need to make sure your HVAC system works properly as cold snaps approach. Whether you need to replace an aging heater or install new HVAC equipment for a new home, Pioneer Comfort Systems can help. Our expert Shreveport heater installation contractors have years of experience in the HVAC industry.

We have proudly supplied Shreveport, LA residents, with superior service for heating installation for 60 years. Whether you’re replacing an outdated furnace or want a more energy-efficient unit, the Pioneer Comfort Systems team has the services and skills to keep you comfortable for the years to come.

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Common Signs You Need a New Heating System

When your current HVAC system goes out, you need a replacement as quickly as possible. Instead of waiting for gas or electric furnaces to go out malfunction completely, call Pioneer Comfort Systems at the first signs that your heater is struggling.

Any of the following signs may indicate that your Shreveport home may need a new furnace or heater:

  • High utility bill: Your monthly utility bill probably varies throughout the year. However, your heater may not be functioning optimally if you notice an unexplained spike in your power costs throughout winder months..

  • House doesn’t warm: While you can’t expect your home to warm instantly when you turn the heat on, if your heat has been running for several hours and your home still isn’t warm, there is probably a problem with the heating cooling system.

  • Burning smell: You may notice a burning smell the first time you turn your heater on. But if it doesn’t go away within a few hours, it’s time to call the experts at Pioneer Comfort Systems for HVAC services.

  • Breaker trips continuously: Sometimes, your breaker gets overloaded and trips when you use too much power. If the breaker trips repeatedly every time you turn on your heater, you likely need to have a more efficient heating and air system installed.

  • House warms unevenly: When your heater is working correctly, it will keep your entire house warm. One of the first things you may notice when your heater is malfunctioning is that certain areas of your home may not warm.

Shreveport, LA homeowners may find that it’s more cost-effective to replace an old furnace, if the heating and ac system is 10 to 15 years old, hasn’t been well-maintained, makes strange sounds or foul odors, or the system requires constant repairs.

Why Isn’t My Heater Blowing Warm Air?

Many culprits may be responsible when your furnace stops blowing warm air. Your pilot light, air filters, or thermostat may be to blame. Dirty air filters obstruct air flow and restrict a unit’s heating ability. In addition, a faulty thermostat or a malfunctioning pilot light may cause your unit to blow cold air. 

Keep in mind that these are not the only factors that impact a furnace’s performance.

So, why isn’t your heater working correctly?

  • Damaged ductwork may cause air leaks or inconsistent temperatures.

  • The heater may run non-stop if the fan motor or limit switch are faulty.

  • The unit may lose efficiency if the heater exchanger is cracked or broken. This is may also pose a hazard to you and your family’s health.

  • The pilot light may not remain lit if the flame sensor is dirty or the thermocouple is faulty.

  • The system may be noisy or not heat properly if it has worn components.

  • Sediment or other debris is blocking the condensation drains and causing the furnace to stop working. 

Neglecting regular heating maintenance often causes heating issues. Annual tune-ups are an important aspect of keeping your equipment running efficiently for as long as possible. Preventative maintenance catches minor problems before they become major expenses. It also prevents additional damage and extends the unit’s service life. 

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Emergency Furnace Repairs in Shreveport, LA

You and everyone in your home may be at risk when the heat in your home malfunctions. Faulty equipment may lead to toxic carbon monoxide leaks. So, Pioneer Comfort Systems offers heating and air conditioning services at any time, day or night. Our company offers 24/7 emergency HVAC repair and provides heat pump or furnace repair when you need it. 

Maintenance for Gas or Electric Furnaces in Shreveport

No matter how large or small your furnace issue may be, Pioneer Comfort Systems provides reliable services on every home project. We pride ourselves on achieving 100% customer satisfaction every time. Just call us when your heating system isn’t performing the way it should and we’ll correct the problem right away. 

Don’t wait to schedule your heater repairs. The likelihood of additional problems increases the longer you wait. Enrolling in our Energy Control Agreement means potential issues are immediately addressed. 

Our heating and cooling services technicians go the extra mile by completing the following:

  • Duct cleaning and inspection

  • Check refrigerant level/pressure

  • Blow out drain line

  • Change air filter

  • Check thermostat wiring and operation

  • Check drain pans

  • Lubricate condenser fan motor as needed

  • Clean electrical compartment

  • Check all electrical connections

  • Check evaporator coil

  • Clean debris from condenser coil

  • Check compressor amp draw

  • Run and check capacitor

  • Check high and low pressure switches

  • Check blower motor

  • Check drain pans and safety float switch

Pioneer Comfort Systems keeps up with your furnace maintenance so your equipment runs in peak condition during peak heating and cooling season. Our Shreveport maintenance plan helps your system run better and longer so you can enjoy consistent air comfort.

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Professional Heater & Furnace Installation in Shreveport, LA

When properly maintained, the average furnace functions for 15 to 20 years. You’ll want to consider a new heating air conditioning system if your system is nearing the end of its lifespan. It’s also advisable to think about a Shreveport furnace installation if the unit has not received regular maintenance or it is not operating efficiently. 

New furnaces utilize the latest technology to increase energy efficiency with features such as multi-stage gas valves and variable speed fans. These new units meet your heating needs wile allowing you the ability to make small thermostat changes for maximum comfort. 

The Pioneer Comfort Systems technicians offer superior customer service on every home project while installing high-quality heating systems to residents of Shreveport and the surrounding areas. Our heating installation professionals complete each job thoroughly and efficiently by performing the following steps:

  • Help you choose the perfect system for your home: Homes of various sizes require units of different capacities to warm them. Our technicians take your individual needs into account and help you select the equipment brand and unit size that is most beneficial for you.

  • Install the system: After removing your old heating system, we set the new one in place and connect the wires.

  • Clean up: We clean any dirt or debris from your new system, so your heater can run without interference. Our technicians also ensure we clean up all of our tools and equipment quickly so you can get back to your regular routine as soon as possible.

  • Test the system: We make sure the new system is heating properly before we leave. If we notice any issues, we resolve the problem immediately to feel confident we won’t stop until we are sure your heater is working properly.

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How to Choose a New Furnace

Purchasing a new furnace isn’t something most business or homeowners do often. So, the team at Pioneer Comfort Systems understands that heating and cooling systems are not your area of expertise. That’s why our air pros walk our customers through each step of their furnace installation Shreveport and all the options. It’s vital that our clients understand the process, so they know how to select the best furnace option for their building:

  • Determine your requirements and needs  

  • Consider the type of fuel your furnace needs: oil, gas, or electric

  • Decide which energy-efficiency level and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating you prefer

  • Familiarize yourself with the details of each system and their warranty options

  • Calculate the furnace size needed. Undersized or oversized furnaces may increase your heating bills and breakdown early. 

At Pioneer Comfort Systems, we strive to keep your furnace running as long as possible. But in the event that your unit isn’t salvageable, we give you the best deal on Shreveport heating systems. 

Financing Options for Your New Furnace

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Pioneer Comfort Systems exclusively offers the latest heating and air products by American Standard. Our air technicians evaluate your living space, go over your budget, and select the equipment that best fills your requirements. 

Our convenient financing options and specials make purchasing a new furnace or heat pump a simple process. 

Why Choose Pioneer Comfort Systems for HVAC Services?

Pioneer Comfort Systems works hard to provide each customer with the best service. Call our air experts when you need a heater installation, heater maintenance, furnace repair, or you’d like to purchase a heating unit

Pioneer Comfort Systems has served residents of Shreveport, LA, Bossier City, and the surrounding communities for more than half a century. Our company’s knowledgeable technicians address a wide variety of HVAC needs, while providing superior service with advanced equipment. Each of our technicians is NATE-certified, and because they each hold this gold standard certification for HVAC work, you can feel confident when you trust us for heater installation. Our family-owned business provides all the services you need to keep your home running smoothly.

We are also experienced working with all types of HVAC equipment, so you can trust that we know how to work with any system you choose for your home. We work with both residential and commercial buildings to keep them warm with heating installation. After setting up your new heater, Pioneer Comfort Systems regularly maintains it to increase its lifespan. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior customer service, so we make ensure you get the most for your money every time we perform a Shreveport furnace installation.

Call Pioneer Comfort Systems For Shreveport Furnace Installation

Look no further than Pioneer Comfort Systems when you’e researching Shreveport furnace installation companies. Our team understands you need a warm, comfortable home. In addition to providing furnace repair for gas and electric furnaces to keep them running at optimal performance, we also provide heater installations so you know who to call when you need a new system. Having a new furnace installed quickly helps keep your home comfortable, so don’t wait until a cold snap hits to get new equipment. 

Call Pioneer Comfort Systems today at (318) 378-5729 to discuss furnace installation Shreveport, LA and determine which unit is best for your home or business. Our southern air heating company gets you on the schedule quickly, sometimes even on the same day you call, so contact us to get started on installing a new heater that will keep you comfortable during the cold months.