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We proudly feature the NuFlow patented cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) restoration process which repairs and rehabilitates pipes by creating an epoxy “pipe within a pipe”.

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What Are The Benefits?


Cost Effective

Our method of pipe relining doesn’t require a workforce of plumbers or lots of machinery. There’s no need to open walls or dig up any landscaping allowing for a faster process with little or no reconstruction costs, making it even more affordable.


Minimal Disruption

Pipe lining is often carried out and completed within a day. Our solution doesn’t require excavation or destruction and therefore translates to less mess and minimal disruption to your daily lifestyle.


Superior Solution

Pipe lining can structurally repair drainage pipes with strength superior to that of un-lined pipes. the lined pipe is so tough that it can prevent infiltration by tree roots and provides a steadier and smoother flow of water.

What Is The Process?

pipe cleaning
pipe lining
pipe lining

Inspection and Diagnosis

As a NuFlow Certified Contractor, we will inspect the existing pipes for any corrosion, roots, or cracks using a drain camera. Based on these results, we will recommend a plan for cleaning and lining if necessary.


Debris, roots, and corrosion are removed from the pipes using NuFlow’s proprietary tools, restoring the pipe back to its original diameter.


An epoxy-saturated liner with an internal bladder is pulled through the pipe using existing access points. Once in place, the bladder is inflated, pressing the epoxy against the pipe wall.

Cure and Evaluation

The epoxy cures within a couple of hours and the bladder is removed, leaving behind a clean, strong and seamless “pipe within a pipe.” A final inspection is performed for quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if there is a problem with my plumbing?

Common warning signs of failing drain lines are cracks in the visible pipes, leaks, water stains, mold, odors, slow drains, and backups.

Why should I line my pipes instead of replacing them?

Pipe replacement is a traditional means of repair where a plumber will remove the failing pipe and replace it with a new pipe. This repair method has many disadvantages, which include the creation of a messy construction site, significant time to completion, and the fact that the new pipe is doomed for the same failures as the old pipe. NuFlow’s cure in-place pipe (CIPP) lining solutions are non-destructive, eco-friendly, non-invasive, cost-effective, and can be installed in a fraction of the time.

How much access is needed to rehabilitate a pipe line?

The access points, cleanouts, and manholes we utilize are typically already present.

How long does the water need to be off?

With some drain applications, the pipe systems don’t even need to be turned off. If necessary, the pipe system can be worked on and nonfunctional during the least inconvenient hours for your home, building, or facility.

Is your pipe lining safe?

Our epoxy meets or exceeds the physical properties set forth by the American Standard of Testing and Materials as well as other national & international standards for CIPP rehabilitation.

How long have you been doing this?

NuFlow’s structural liner and unique pull-in-place process was developed in the 1990s and has been used on thousands of skyscrapers, commercial buildings, multi-unit residential complexes, housed, federal structures, churches, schools, and other buildings.

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