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When thinking about Louisiana weather, the first thing that comes to mind is the heat and humidity. While our state is known for its scorching summers, winters can be just as unpleasant when temperatures get low. Winters are usually mild, but the thermostat does drop occasionally, and sometimes it even snows. You don’t want to be without a working heating air conditioning system when that happens. Pioneer Comfort Systems has more than 50 years of experience within the HVAC industry serving the Shreveport, LA area. Our HVAC experts have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality Shreveport furnace repair services.

Any time a cold snap hits, you rely on your heating system to keep your home comfortable and warm. If your heat isn’t operating at optimal capacity, you’ll be left shivering with high power bills. When you cannot keep your house warm during cold weather, you must have your heater repaired as quickly as possible. Make Pioneer Comfort Systems your first call when you need heating and air conditioning services.

Heat Pump and Furnace Repair in Shreveport, LA

Whether you need to replace your heat pump or furnace or you want to extend the life of your current heating system, a qualified heating repair professional from Pioneer Comfort Systems provides you with the HVAC services you need. If you need to have a new system installed, our HVAC experts will quickly and efficiently replace your old one with top-of-the-line equipment so you can get back to enjoying your home. We only use the major brands and best products on the market to ensure your new system is reliable and energy-efficient.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Your Heater Repaired

If your heating system starts acting up when you aren’t using it much, you may want to wait until the next winter to make repairs. The additional expense of Shreveport furnace repair may not be in your budget for the month, or maybe you think that the heater problems can wait until the next cold snap. 

Whatever your reasons, putting off heater repairs is not the best idea. Having your system fixed immediately can save a lot of money in the long run and could prevent premature equipment replacement. It’s best to let Pioneer Comfort Systems repair your system immediately for the following reasons:

You don’t know when an unexpected temperature drop will happen, and you’ll be freezing in your home if the heater isn’t working. Early repairs ensure your heater is always working when you need it.

Unaddressed HVAC problems often worsen over time and require more extensive repairs in the future. The issues could compound into an entire system replacement, which could be a significant expense.

If your heating isn’t working correctly, it is probably wasting energy trying to heat your home. Wasted energy leads to a higher energy bill for less comfortable indoor temperatures. Early repairs ensure your system operates at peak performance and keeps you comfortable without causing your utility bill to skyrocket.

Signs Your Heater or Furnace Needs Repair

The Shreveport HVAC experts at Pioneer Comfort Systems provide quality heating repair services that solve your furnace issues and make your home comfortable and warm again. Our air heating services include repair, Shreveport furnace installation, and Shreveport furnace maintenance of your heating cooling system. 

Your furnace usually exhibits several warning signs when it is malfunctioning or about to break down. It’s time to call Pioneer Comfort System for HVAC service when your furnace acts up, and you notice any of these common signs:

Most homes have carbon monoxide detectors that alert occupants to the presence of toxic gas. A malfunctioning fuel-burning heating system can produce carbon monoxide. You must open your windows and ventilate the deadly gas out of your home if the detector sounds the alarm.

It is not normal when your furnace runs too hot. A faulty thermostat or a dirty air filter may be the culprit.

Your furnace may need repairs if it cycles on and off at unpredictable intervals. The system experiences additional wear and tear and your energy bills increase during irregular cycling.

There is usually something broken within the system when a furnace does not produce heat. 

Manufacturers build furnaces to run quietly. Your furnace may have mechanical problems that need repair if it makes unusual or loud noises. Please turn off your HVAC equipment and call our Shreveport furnace repair professionals when your furnace begins making noise. 

Smelling like fuel or giving off a burned smell is normal for a furnace. This is especially true if it’s been a while since you turned on the furnace. These normal odors usually go away as your unit runs. Your HVAC equipment may need repair if these smells linger or you notice a sudden odor or a strong fuel smell around your furnace.

Other Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in Shreveport, LA

In addition to our heater and furnace repair services in Shreveport, LA, our knowledgeable technicians also provide a variety of other HVAC services in the Bossier City and Shreveport area.

Replacing or Upgrading Your Heating Unit

Even the best-maintained HVAC system eventually needs replacement. Properly caring for your heating unit allows it to last longer, but you may consider upgrading your system if it requires frequent repairs. When the money you spend on heater repairs each year equals a significant portion of the cost of a new system, it is time to upgrade.

Additionally, you may want to consider upgrading if you build an addition to your home. Because your current system is designed to heat a certain amount of space, you may need to upgrade your system when you increase your home’s square footage. An upgrade may also be the solution if your system isn’t heating your home as efficiently.

We Offer Major Brands and Top-Notch Equipment

We offer American Standard equipment for heating system upgrades at Pioneer Comfort Systems. Our company carries heat pumps, gas and electric heaters, ductless mini-splits, air handlers, and more. We trust the brand to provide the highest quality equipment to keep you comfortable during cold weather. Our furnace repair Shreveport technicians help determine which system best suits your heating air conditioning system requirements. Then they get to work replacing it at a wallet-friendly price. We offer free replacement quotes and financing. 

Your home’s HVAC system works year-round. Heaters typically perform reliably for 15 years but eventually break down. Our highly-trained Shreveport service experts work on all furnace makes and models, both commercial and residential.  

Heater Maintenance Services in Shreveport, LA

We also provide routine heater maintenance services that extend the service life of your heating system. During these visits, our HVAC experts identify minor problems before they become major and provide you with heating repair services before the issue becomes an expensive emergency. Taking advantage of our maintenance services also provides you with the following benefits:

Benefits of Commercial AC Maintenance

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Energy-efficient heating
  • More affordable repair bills
  • Consistent indoor temperatures
  • Lower power bills
  • Dependable heating
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Why Choose Pioneer Comfort Systems for all of Your Shreveport HVAC Needs?

Why Choose Us

Every Shreveport HVAC technician with Pioneer Comfort Systems is NATE-certified and undergoes continuous training to stay up to date on the latest technology. We constantly study new methods to extend the lifetime of your unit and help you stay comfortable during cold snaps. Maintaining our knowledge and skills allows us to provide you with the best heater repair services possible. Plus, our HVAC company has been around for over 50 years, so you can trust our technicians to provide you with dependable, competent maintenance, repair, and installation services.

Contact Pioneer Comfort Systems today at (318) 378-5729 to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment for your furnace maintenance. To make our services available to our friends and neighbors in Shreveport and Bossier City, we offer convenient financing, subject to approved credit, and special deals. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we provide a total satisfaction guarantee on labor and parts.  

Our company is more than just Shreveport furnace repairs. Our service pros also provide air conditioning services such as Shreveport air conditioning repair, Shreveport AC system replacement and installation, Shreveport air conditioner maintenance, Shreveport heating systems replacement and installation, Shreveport heating maintenance, Shreveport HVAC repair, and duct cleaning. Pioneer Comfort Systems also staffs licensed plumbers in Shreveport who offer plumbing services, including repairs, maintenance, and trenchless pipe repair in Shreveport, LA.