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Smart Thermostat HD

Take your home to the next level of comfort, control, and energy savings. The Smart Thermostat HD offers a sleek touch screen display and works with other connected devices to optimize energy savings and deliver unmatched convenience.

Stay Comfortable in Style

Stylish Display

The high-resolution, full-color touchscreen display wakes up on approach, greets you with different messages based on the time of day, and provides a rich user experience.

Smart Energy Savings

Beyond its energy-saving schedules, the Smart Thermostat HD can automatically adjust your home’s temperature based on real-time activity, occupancy, and your geo-location.

Convenient Comfort

You can adjust the temperature from anywhere using the Mobile App, even the sofa. And because the Smart Thermostat HD works with the platform, it can be included in a bedtime Scene that adjusts the temperature, lights, and locks with a single tap in the Mobile App.

Peace of Mind

Smart Thermostat HD alerts you to emerging heating and cooling system issues. This helps prolong the lifespan of your home’s most expensive system and avoid breakdowns during a heatwave or cold winter night.