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HVAC Systems

Air Conditioners

American Standard offers a variety of air conditioners to keep you cool during even the highest temperatures. The brand’s Silver Series air conditioners are reliable and affordable while still offering solid efficiency. The Gold Series air conditioners go a step further in comfort with extra-quite operation and efficiency ratings that may qualify for energy tax rebates (ask for details). The Platinum Series air conditioners are top of the line with multi-stage cooling, humidity control, and superior efficiency ratings. Upgrading to an American Standard air conditioner can save you between 38 and 60 percent on your energy bills.


To keep your home warm in the winter, American Standard offers three lines of natural gas and oil furnaces. The brand’s Silver Series delivers comfort and efficiency that’s easy on your budget. The Gold Series oil and gas furnaces feature quiet, energy-conserving operation in addition to the comfort you expect from American Standard products. The Platinum Series furnaces include the most innovative technology such as remote monitoring and programming capabilities and two-stage motors for optimal comfort and efficiency. American Standard furnaces have AFUE ratings between 80 and 97.3 percent.

Heat Pumps

Get year-round comfort in a single system with a heat pump from American Standard. The brand’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum lines of heat pump systems each offer increased energy efficiency all year long. Silver Series heat pumps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use while providing cost-effective comfort. Gold Series heat pumps can have either one or two-staged heating and cooling, which cuts energy bills in half. Platinum Series heat pumps have all the bells and whistles including American Standard’s AccuComfort technology, which allows these system’s multi-stage motors to adjust automatically for the most comfort and efficiency.

Air Handlers

American Standard air handlers are made with you in mind. These units ensure that cooled or heated air is circulated evenly throughout your entire home. That means no more hot and cold spots. American Standard offers everything from compact and inexpensive air handlers in its Silver Series to high efficiency, multi-speed air handlers in its Gold and Silver Series. An air handler from American Standard will improve air circulation and humidity control, making your home perfectly comfortable day and night.


HVAC coils are essential to the operation of your system. Evaporator coils are responsible for transferring heat in and out of your home by converting liquid refrigerant into gas. Having the right coil and maintaining it is important, and American Standard offers a sturdy, aluminum indoor coil that is built to last.

Perfect Fit Air Cleaners

American Standard offers one of the most efficient electronic air cleaners at an equally efficient price. The brand’s Perfect Fit Air Cleaner uses less energy than a 40 watt light bulb and is up to 15 times more effective at cleaning indoor air than a regular filter. With an air purifier from American Standard, you will see an immediate improvement in your home’s indoor air quality.