How Much Does it Cost to Replace and Install an Air Conditioner?

At Pioneer Comfort Systems, we’ve been in the HVAC business for over 50 years. Our experts are committed to bringing our customers affordability and reliability through integrity in our business practices. We believe you should be comfortable at home and at work, which is why we offer the products and services you can count on most. When you are considering whether to have an HVAC system replaced or HVAC system installed in Shreveport, there are some things you should know about air conditioning replacement cost. Check it out!

Factors That Affect Air Conditioning Installation Cost

There are some factors you’ll need to understand about air conditioning replacement and installation so you can see how they affect cost. The following are a few common issues that will play into your final expense.

Size of the Building

Air conditioning systems come in various sizes, and the size you need will depend on the size of the building. System sizes are measured in tons, though it’s not a ton you’re thinking of. A ton measures how well an air conditioner cools a building. If you’re having a system installed in your home, the tonnage would be smaller, making the size of the system smaller and a lesser expense. If you are trying to cool a bigger commercial building, the tonnage and cost would be higher.

Air Conditioner Installation Complications

If your Shreveport HVAC installer runs into any complications, you may end up with a higher cost. Some complications include difficulty accessing the attic, small crawl spaces that are impossible to fit into, and blown-in insulation getting in the way. Each of these scenarios could require more time and more services to get it right. Older homes often pose difficulties as well, but with the right professionals on the job, it can get done right the first time without too many additional costs.

Air Conditioning Unit Choice

Pioneer Comfort Systems installs American Standard systems, which are broken down into a Silver Series, Gold Series, and Platinum Series. The series you choose will affect air conditioning installation costs. Each series comes with different benefits, though all are solid choices that are efficient and affordable for your specific circumstances. Customers save an average of 38-60% when they upgrade to American Standard.


If your ductwork does not need to be replaced, the air conditioning replacement is generally cheaper than it would with new ductwork. Don’t shy away from having your ductwork replaced just to save a few dollars if it needs to be replaced. You don’t want to end up with an ineffective new system.

Air Conditioner Costs You Can Expect

When it comes to what you can expect to pay, it’s best to speak with one of our Shreveport / Bossier City HVAC professionals who can give you an actual estimate. The cost of an air conditioner can vary, taking into consideration the determining factors mentioned previously. Installation costs can also be different based on the circumstances, type of air conditioner, size of the house, and other different factors. One of our professionals can help you understand what that cost would require.

When you have a larger building requiring a bigger system, need new ductwork included in the replacement and choose a pricier brand, you could expect to pay a little more than a regular sized house or building. A good air conditioning system will last 15-20 years, and with the energy efficiency of today. Working with an honest and fair company like Pioneer Comfort Systems will make any installation affordable.

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