Shreveport Air Conditioning Replacement Services

If your AC system has been repaired multiple times and is over 10-15 years old, it might be time for a replacement unit. If you’re considering a new air conditioner, consult with a Shreveport HVAC contractor at Pioneer Comfort Systems

When you schedule an air conditioner replacement consultation with Pioneer Comfort Systems, our HVAC contractors will show you how a new system can increase your comfort level in your home and save you money on energy costs. To make an appointment with one of our AC replacement experts, call us today at (318) 378-5729

Signs That It's Time for a New HVAC System

Here are several signs that your current air conditioning system isn’t working properly and needs to be replaced. 

If you said yes to any of the above signs, it’s time to call Pioneer Comfort Systems to schedule an air conditioner replacement consultation today. 

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Understanding the Process of Air Conditioning Replacement in Shreveport

HVAC companies must address other factors besides the AC unit itself when replacing an air conditioning system. For example, if the insulation isn’t correctly installed or if air leaks due to improper ducting, it won’t matter how good your new HVAC system is.

Each HVAC system component has to work together to operate efficiently. 

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Your home’s insulation is an important part of your AC system. When working properly, it helps lock in the conditioned air inside your home, and when inadequately installed or damaged, it can let that conditioned air escape.

This leads to overworking air conditioners, additional wear and tear, and increased energy bills. 

Before installing your new HVAC unit, an HVAC contractor at Pioneer Comfort Systems will evaluate your insulation to ensure that there are no issues that can degrade the efficiency of your new unit. 

Your air ducts circulate warm or cool air throughout your home and can either help or hurt the performance of your heating-cooling system.

So, improper ductwork installation could lead to poor air circulation and air quality. When gaps or cracks exist within the ductwork, this allows for dust particles and other pollutants to circulate through the home. 

The HVAC professionals at Pioneer Comfort Systems will inspect your current ductwork before installing your new air conditioner. Proper ductwork will ensure that your new system will provide clean, quality air in the most cost-effective way possible.

Additionally, if your ductwork simply needs a thorough cleaning, the Shreveport air duct cleaning experts at Pioneer can also handle that. 

You’re required to have a permit in Shreveport before your new HVAC system replacement. Working with a Shreveport HVAC company, like Pioneer Comfort Systems, gives you peace of mind that the electrical work meets all state requirements and regulations. 

After the air conditioner installation, you must dispose of your existing unit. Unfortunately, Shreveport’s trash collectors will not pick up your old unit.

Your air conditioning unit is made of a complex system of wiring, plastic, and other non-biodegradable materials, so it’s actually illegal to dispose of older units incorrectly.

Citizens must dispose of air conditioning units at qualified scrap yards that follow EPA regulations because refrigerants must be removed. Local government agencies can provide information on where to dispose of your old unit.

Following your HVAC installation, an HVAC contractor from Pioneer Comfort Systems will remove your old unit and ensure it is disposed of properly. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Air Conditioning System in Shreveport

Because of advanced technology, there are more factors than ever to consider when choosing your new AC unit.

Air conditioners are becoming more energy efficient, which can help lower the average costs of electric bills.

While getting the biggest central air conditioner unit is tempting, discussing cost factors with a licensed HVAC contractor is important to ensure you’re making a good investment. Many components inside and outside of the AC unit must be considered before making such a large purchase. 

When you schedule an air conditioner replacement consultation with the HVAC contractors at Pioneer Comfort Systems, you can trust that your technician will consider factors, such as ductwork and insulation, as well as what improvements you’d like to see with a new AC unit. Improvements can include improved indoor air quality, quieter operation, options for smart thermostats, a higher SEER rating, etc. 

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when replacing their current air conditioning system is installing one that is either too big or too small. When your air conditioner is the wrong size, you can struggle with inconsistent temperatures, causing high energy bills and additional costs.

Here in Louisiana, it’s easy to think – “It’s always hot, so I need a big unit.”

While climate plays a part in finding the size of your HVAC unit, homeowners should calculate other factors, as well. When determining your home’s HVAC unit size, an HVAC contractor at Pioneer Comfort Systems will perform the Manual J load calculation.

This measurement takes the square footage of your home, the height of the ceilings, the number of windows and exterior doors, and the number of occupants to determine your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

Another factor to consider with air conditioner replacement is the energy efficiency of your current HVAC system (SEER rating). If your current system is over ten years old, you should notice lower overall costs with electric bills when you choose a more energy-efficient model for your replacement AC unit. 

Newer air conditioners have a better seasonal energy efficiency ratio, SEER, which means they use less energy than models running a few more years. For example, an AC unit with a SEER rating of 25 can improve your energy efficiency by over 50%. This can drastically reduce the overall cost of running the unit.

Our American Standards units are energy efficient and can help save up to 60% on the total cost of your energy bills. Our HVAC technicians can tell you more about our American Standard air conditioners and how they can save on additional cost during your air conditioner replacement consultation.

As the air quality outside worsens, those harmful pollutants find their way inside. The air we breathe can be detrimental to our health over time, but with new technologies, our air conditioners can improve the air we breathe with little to no effort. 

Even with a properly working air duct system, your home can still suffer from contaminants like pet dander, mold, pollen, bacteria, chemicals, dust mites, and more. This is where Pioneer’s air quality solutions can help.

We offer the Perfect Fit Air Cleaner from American Standard. This air purifier is energy efficient and can help you see drastic improvements in the air you and your family breathe in your home. 

When choosing your new AC unit, there isn’t a one size fits all option. Depending on your home and personal preference, you can choose a central air conditioner or a ductless mini-split.

If your current ductwork needs a costly repair or replacement, a ductless mini-split could be an option. This system doesn’t utilize the home’s current duct system, so homes without air ducts or needing an update would benefit from a ductless mini-split.

Ductless air conditioners are technically not air conditioners but heat pumps. Not only does the heat pump cool your home in the summer, but it can also provide heat during the winter. 

A ductless mini-split also allows your family to individually control room temperatures instead of using one main thermostat, like a central AC. So if your family constantly fights over your home’s temperature, a ductless mini-split might be the way to go. 

A ductless AC unit is also a great option if your furnace or air handler has started to go out on your current heating equipment. A ductless mini-split can help you kill two birds with one stone by replacing your AC unit and heater. 

A central AC unit is the more common type of cooling system. Central AC units are one large unit that can cool your entire home via one thermostat. This system uses your home’s ductwork, so having that inspected prior to the HVAC installation is important. 

At Pioneer Comfort Systems, our HVAC experts are ready to discuss the differences between central air units and ductless mini-splits with you before you decide on your new unit. 

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HVAC Replacement Costs in Shreveport: Budgeting and Financing Options

At Pioneer Comfort Systems, we offer customers specials and financing options for air conditioner installation costs and replacement services. To learn more about our current specials, ask a Pioneer HVAC contractor or call (318) 378-5729.

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Long-Term Benefits: Evaluating Return on Investment for AC Replacement in Shreveport

When you work with the heating and cooling experts at Pioneer Comfort Systems, you can have peace of mind that you’ll get the most out of your new air conditioning unit. Not only will a new unit improve your home’s temperature and save you money on energy bills, but it can also magnify your return on investment. 

When your AC unit is the correct size, it can help you increase your return on investment. The new air conditioners have fewer issues, work more efficiently, and require fewer repairs.

When you schedule routine maintenance twice a year on your AC unit, you can ensure that it will keep working well throughout its lifespan. 

DIY vs. Professional Air Conditioner Replacement: Pros and Cons in Shreveport

Replacing air conditioners in Shreveport is a large task that requires the experience and knowledge of a trained HVAC professional. However, thanks to YouTube, there are countless videos on replacing your air conditioner yourself.

Below are the pros and cons of a DIY air conditioner replacement versus a professional one. 

DIY Replacement Pros

  • You can work on your air conditioner replacement whenever you have the time instead of waiting for a technician.
  • Save on labor costs.

DIY Replacement Cons:

  • It’s time-consuming.
  • You need a permit.
  • There are HVAC codes and regulations that must be followed.
  • You may not have the right tools.
  • It can make any warranty void.
  • Electrical components can be dangerous.

Professional Replacement Pros

  • It’s safer.
  • You know it will be done right.
  • The warranty will be in effect.
  • The codes and regulations will be followed.
  • The HVAC company will often pull the necessary permits themselves.
  • If any problems occur, the HVAC technician will know what to do. 
  • They already have the HVAC equipment and tools needed.

Professional Replacement Cons

  • You may have to tailor your schedule around the technician. 
  • There’s a chance it could cost more than if you were to do it yourself. 

Deciding between replacing your air conditioner with a professional HVAC technician and doing it yourself can be better for you and your unit. The small amount of money you could save on professional replacement costs is a small sacrifice if you want to guarantee that your HVAC installation has been done correctly. 

If costs are your biggest concern, you can discuss our financing options at Pioneer Comfort Systems before your AC replacement to learn how to save money.

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Maintaining Manufacturer Warranties on Your New Air Conditioner

When you try installing your new air conditioning system yourself, you risk voiding any warranty or other guarantees. When working with Pioneer Comfort Systems, you can ensure your entire system is under warranty. 

Another way that you can continue to maintain your warranty on your new unit is to schedule routine maintenance appointments twice a year. Not only will this help you avoid emergency problems, but it can save you money in the long run. A maintenance appointment should be scheduled once in the spring and once in the fall before the temperatures reach extreme numbers. During this appointment, your HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your HVAC units to ensure they are heating and cooling properly so that it’s prepared for the upcoming seasons. 

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