3 Ways to Reduce Winter Allergies

Most people expect allergy triggers in the fall and spring, but your Shreveport, Louisiana, home can trigger allergies during the winter also. Because you stay inside all winter, your air can make you sick and trigger allergies. Fortunately, you can work to prevent or reduce winter allergies.

Check Your Air Filters

During high seasons make sure you check your air filters at least once a month to make sure dirt, dust, and other allergens aren’t clogging your filters. When your air filters get dirty, your system starts to blow all that dust, dirt, and bacteria into your home. If it gets clogged, it will affect your air quality and run your system down faster. Clogged air filters inflame both allergies and your utility bills, but they are easily preventable.

Reduce Allergens

Dust, pet dander, and other allergens all inflame allergies. If you have pets, keep them out of your bedroom or keep them isolated to one area of the home. Prevent allergens throughout your home with proper ventilation, and dust and sweep more often in the winter. Make sure you use a damp rag to wipe down your home also to really collect all the dirt and dust throughout your home. You can’t keep all the allergens out of your home, but you can remove them through regular cleaning.

Test Your Air Quality

It’s important to have your air quality checked, especially in the winter. Even if you keep your home clean, you still could have carbon monoxide, asbestos, and other pollutants loitering throughout your home. Have an IAQ test performed on your home, and once you’ve identified allergy triggers, take steps to reduce any negative perpetrators affecting your air quality.

Your indoor air quality is especially important in the winter when you tend to stay inside more often. If you worry about winter allergies, call the experts at Pioneer Comfort Systems at 318-795-8000 to discuss ways to keep your family happy and healthy this winter.