5 Ways To Reduce Dust In Your Home

Dust is both tricky and troublesome for many homeowners. The relatively high humidity in Louisiana will often cause dust to settle on surfaces all throughout the home. You can easily start to get a visual of how much dust is in your home. Regularly moving through the house can stir up this dust, creating an issue that’s as uncomfortable as it is unsightly.

Dust mites are common allergens for those who are sensitive to irritants in the home. If you’re seeing a regular accumulation of dust around your house, it’s time to update your cleaning routine for better maintenance and comfort.

1. Install an Air Cleaner

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to quickly reduce dust in your home, turn to an air cleaner. This installation fits into your existing HVAC system and increases its ability to capture dust as well as other irritants such as pollen and pet dander. Increase your health and comfort with this solution while reducing your cleaning time.

2. Use Sealed Storage Tubs

Adjust your storage strategies and move away from open solutions such as shelving in favor of sealed boxes and storage tubs. These storage containers will keep dust off your belongings and minimize your necessary cleaning. This is particularly important for items that sit in storage for long periods of time, such as out-of-season clothing.

If you leave unused coats hanging for months, they’ll accumulate dust mites as they wait for the proper season to return. Keep coats in plastic tubs or garment bags instead, and they’ll be fresh and clean when it’s time for them to return to service.

If you like to keep knick knacks or china on display, consider a closed cabinet with glass doors to minimize dust accumulation. This arrangement will keep your displays visible yet clean.

3. Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Your HVAC system’s air filter offers a critical line of defense against the dust and other allergens in your home. You want to keep the air filter clean so that it can do this job efficiently. A dirty air filter will lead to reduced energy efficiency and lower indoor air quality.

Dirty filters will also cause strain on your system as it attempts to pull air through, which can lead to other problems, such as frozen coils.

Mark your calendar for monthly air filter inspections. If the filter is visibly dirty, change it immediately. Even if the filter doesn’t show a significant amount of dust, you should plan to change it at least once every three months.

4. Clean in Sneaky Spots

Update your cleaning routine to include easily overlooked areas where dust build up can occur. Make sure you stay on top of tasks such as the following:

  • Laundering window hangings.
  • Wiping down blinds
  • Rinsing off plants, both artificial and real
  • Dusting electronics
  • Cleaning lampshades with a lint roller or cloth
  • Washing the tops of cabinets.
  • Steam-cleaning carpets and furniture

As you’re cleaning, work from the top of the room down. This way, dust stirred up in the upper reaches of the home will settle on areas that you’ve yet to clean.

You can also practice preventive measures to keep dust at bay in particularly tricky areas. Mattresses and pillows are a popular haven for dust mites, and removing them once they’ve taken up residence is nearly impossible. Seal your bedding inside allergen-proof zippered covers to prevent dust mites from gaining access in the first place.

5. Schedule Regular HVAC System Maintenance

Schedule maintenance for your HVAC system once a year to keep it clean. Our Pioneer Comfort Systems technicians will tackle hard-to-reach dust on the internal components of your heater and air conditioner. Since your HVAC system pumps air throughout the house, this essential task will help to keep dust out of the air in every room.

Sign up for our Energy Control Agreement for help staying on top of maintenance tasks. If you’re interested in exploring additional indoor air quality solutions for your home, contact Pioneer Comfort Systems. We can help you find the ideal products and solutions for your home. Give us a call at 318-795-8000 to schedule a consultation.

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