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Airborne contaminants can create breathability concerns inside your home or business — particularly for people who suffer from allergies or sensitivities to various pollutants. In fact, these contaminants can pose a serious health risk to individuals with severe respiratory conditions. Whether or not these health concerns exist in your living or work area, those who live, work or transact business there deserve to do so in an atmosphere that’s free from unhealthy levels of air pollution. And you might be surprised at the level of pollutants that are present in even the cleanest homes. At Pioneer Comfort Systems, we have all your indoor air quality concerns covered. Our air quality control specialists offer a complete line of IAQ solutions and services that address the following indoor air quality issues:


  • Dust and dust mites
  • Animal dander
  • Pet waste and pet odors
  • Pollens
  • Smoke and soot
  • Contamination and mildew
  • Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms
  • Harmful chemicals

If you have concerns about the quality of your indoor air, call our office today. You can trust the air quality control specialists at Pioneer Comfort Systems to handle every IAQ matter as if it were their own. Our fully-trained specialists are available to use their skills on your behalf to get to the bottom of the issues — and the substances — that may be negatively impacting the breathability of the air you live with every day.

Our Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Today’s state-of-the-art IAQ technology makes it easier than ever to keep your indoor air clean. These modern IAQ solutions include models that automate the process of cleaning and purifying the air inside your home or business. And when you keep this equipment well-maintained through periodic maintenance checks and tune-ups scheduled with one of our Pioneer Comfort Systems IAQ specialists, you help this state-of-the-art air cleaning equipment to continue doing the job it was intended to do.

The following types of IAQ solutions are available at Pioneer Comfort Systems to help you improve the air quality of your home or business:

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are air cleaners that trap and kill pathogens like bacteria and viruses. We offer several models to fit your needs and budget.

Air Humidifiers

Humidifiers replace lost moisture in winter or anytime your indoor air is excessively dry. Humidifiers increase comfort and prevent damage to your furnishings caused by a too-dry environment.


Ventilators bring in fresh air from outside to replace stale indoor air. The two types available are the energy recovery type and the heat recovery type.

Ultra-Violet Lamps

UV lamps kill the bacteria and other contaminants that can grow on the indoor coil of your AC or heat pump system.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

CO monitors provide protection from the leakage of deadly odorless and colorless carbon monoxide fumes.

Duct Cleaning Services

While annual preventive maintenance is extremely helpful, you may be overlooking a very important part of this system: your air ducts. Dirty ductwork can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Our technicians are certified in proper, professional duct cleaning services and follow guidelines set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Many homeowners wonder if it’s really necessary to have ductwork cleaned. You might wonder if it’s really possible for pollutants to gather in your duct system. Unfortunately, it’s a very real possibility that some pollutants are present in your ductwork, especially if it’s never been cleaned. Because ducts act as a conduit for heated and cooled air, they can pick up pollutants and circulate them throughout your home. That’s why we suggest having air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years to keep the pathways your home or business’s air travels through clean and healthy.

What to Expect from Duct Cleaning

If you choose to have ductwork cleaning completed, one of our duct cleaning experts will come to your home and visually inspect your ducts. After the inspection is finished, the technician will carefully clean all dirt, dust, pollen, mildew and dander from the ducts using a specialized vacuum with far-reaching, flexible brush attachments. If your home is prone to dust and contaminant buildup, your technician may also suggest applying a light, pollutant-resistance coating to your ductwork.

Call our office today to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions and services.

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