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Unlike the “bayou” region of Louisiana, the Shreveport area has always enjoyed closer links with the woods and fields of East Texas. During the early 19th century, Harry Miller Shreve played an integral role in opening the Red River to steamboat navigation and attracting the first industrial businesses to the region. As a reward, the booming settlement of Shreveport was named in his honor. Shreveport played an important role in the Civil War and served as the headquarters of Confederate forces in the south-central region of the United States. Miraculously, the cityscape was largely unharmed. During the 20th century, low land costs and an ample supply of virgin timber encouraged rapid economic development.


Shreveport is located in northwestern Louisiana. The western extent of the city’s built-up area is just a dozen or so miles from the border with Texas and about 50 miles from the border with Arkansas. Unlike southern Louisiana, the area that surrounds Shreveport is characterized by rolling relief and extensive upland regions that harbor a variety of unique species. Lowland regions tend to be cultivated or covered with housing developments. Local transportation thoroughfares include Interstates 20, 220 and 49. Caddo Lake is the region’s largest body of water.

Population and Demographics

Shreveport has a year-round population of just over 200,000. Although the city’s land area has been largely built out, it does continue to grow through the construction of denser housing developments and land annexations. Thanks to a diverse economy, Shreveport’s residents are quite varied. Blue-collar workers continue to staff the city’s factories and logistics hubs, but retirees and snowbirds have increased in proportion since the turn of the 21st century. Low living costs and generally affordable housing attract newcomers from all over the country.

Things to Do in Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport has plenty of noteworthy attractions. The city is arrayed around the banks of the Red River, and local boaters delight in this body of water’s calm, predictable flows. Thanks to its riverboat gambling facilities and trendy waterfront clubs, the river is also a hotbed for nightlife activity. For history buffs, Shreveport has a bevy of historical structures. These include mansions like the Walker House as well as Mission-style structures like the A.C. Steere School. The city’s performing arts venues include newer facilities like the Multicultural Center of the South and classical outposts like the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet. Several minor league sports teams play in the area as well.

Climate and Weather

Shreveport has a subtropical climate that’s marked by seasonal variations in temperature and precipitation. During the winter, the area experiences regular frosts and occasional bouts of icy precipitation that make travel difficult. However, accumulating snowfalls are quite rare. During the transitional seasons, heavy rainfall creates a lush, inviting landscape. For its part, summer can be hot and humid. Unlike southern Louisiana, Shreveport lies far enough inland to avoid the worst effects of tropical storm and hurricane strikes.

Air Conditioning Repair in Shreveport, Louisiana

For more than half a century, Pioneer Comfort Systems has provided a comprehensive array of heating and air conditioning service to the residents and business owners of Shreveport. The company’s commitment to quality and integrity leads it to hire top-notch technicians who carry up-to-date NATE certifications and Louisiana licenses. These professionals are capable of performing tough air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting jobs as well as value-added services like indoor air quality audits, duct cleaning and energy-efficiency audits. Pioneer’s staff members provide after-hour and weekend emergency service with no overtime charges to ensure that the company’s clients never have to suffer through extended periods of downtime.

As a third-generation, family-owned retailer, Pioneer Comfort Systems is proud to carry state-of-the-art American Standard systems that offer reliable, low-cost comfort. From powerful air conditioning and heating units to efficient, quiet indoor air quality devices and water heaters, Shreveport locals are sure to find just what they need at the company’s clean, modern showroom. Its well-trained staff members are always on hand to answer questions and provide recommendations. What’s more, Pioneer’s factory warranties and annual maintenance plans provide much-needed peace of mind for years after a system’s purchase. With Pioneer Comfort Systems, Shreveport has a dependable HVAC ally.

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