What is the Duct and Furnace Noise in Your Shreveport Home?

Every house makes it own noises, and you get used to them over time. The plumbing, furnace, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer all operate with familiar sounds that you’re so accustomed to, you don’t even notice. Occasionally, however, unusual popping or banging noises may come from behind walls or ceilings or from the furnace unit, and these can be unsettling. We’ll try to explain the sources of some of the duct and furnace noise that’s common in homes.

What Is That Duct and Furnace Noise?

Your home’s ducts deliver heated or cooled air from the furnace, heat pump or A/C to every room in your home. The air moves at a high pressure from being blown by a powerful blower fan.?As a result, it can sometimes force the ducts’ thin?metal outward. When this happens, a popping or banging noise can result.

Surprisingly, this is more likely to happen after you’ve had ductwork cleaned. With accumulated dust and debris removed from the ducts, the airflow can move unimpeded at higher speed and pressure.

The shape of the ducts also can have an effect. Square or rectangular ducts are more prone to expansion than rounded or oval ductwork. This sort of duct or furnace noise is generally nothing to worry about and actually indicates that your system is working as intended. Similarly, whistling emitted from supply registers is a good sign; it just means the air is flowing.

Noises That Should Get Your Attention

If you start hearing popping noises from your combustion furnace, this could be more serious. When the burners begin rusting or otherwise deteriorating, blockages can result that delay the flow of gas into the combustion chamber. When the gas finally does come out and ignite, a small explosion may occur. This situation will only get worse and is something you’ll want to ask a professional technician to inspect and remedy.

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