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Telltale Signs That Your Home Needs a Plumbing Upgrade

Home plumbing systems often don’t get a lot of attention until age-related problems and emergencies start cropping up. Learning the telltale signs that a plumbing upgrade is needed and discussing your options with an experienced professional now can help you avoid unexpected water damage and extra repair costs down the road.

Plumbing Upgrade Warning Signs to Watch For

If you’re seeing any of the following?common plumbing issues in your home, it’s time to consider an upgrade:

  • Aging galvanized pipes – Frequently used in older residential plumbing systems, galvanized pipes have an outside coating that can keep them looking new while the inside corrodes away and causes reduced flow and water line clogs.
  • Incompatible pipe materials – It’s common to see a partial replacement of aging galvanized pipes with copper. If dielectric unions weren’t used to keep these two incompatible metals from making contact, a chemical reaction known as electrolysis is speeding up the decay of your home’s water pipes.
  • Advancing age – The different plumbing materials and components used in most older homes have a life expectancy of about 60 years. If your home is approaching that age and you’re not sure whether any plumbing updates have been done, replacing the pipes now can provide peace of mind that you’ll avoid the deterioration that’s inevitable with age.
  • Evidence of decay – To spot the signs of deterioration, it’s wise to do periodic checks on the condition of your home’s pipes. Even though you can’t examine every pipe, check the accessible ones for metal dimpling, discoloration and flaking. Look for drips and water stains that point to existing or past leaks. Partially filling a bathtub with water to assess the color is also helpful. If it’s orange-brown, it likely contains rust from decaying pipes. Other key indicators of problems include an increasing number of leaks and clogs that need repair.

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