How Much Are Leaky Air Ducts Costing You?

If you have signs that your ducts are leaking in your Shreveport, Louisiana, home, don’t delay calling your HVAC contractor. The cost of sealing your ducts is much less than the cost of lost energy and future repairs on your HVAC unit.

Wasted Air Conditioning

When your ducts are leaking, the air that is generated by your air conditioner goes into your ducts and escapes through the leaks and into your attic or your walls. Although you will still feel the air in your home, your air conditioner has to work harder to cool your home while it’s also cooling the walls or your attic. Since the air conditioner aims to cool your home at the thermostat setting, it takes a lot more energy to do its job.

Increased Repairs

Since your air conditioner has to work harder, it is more likely to break or wear down from the added pressure. Your air conditioner essentially has to work in constant overtime to cool your home since a lot of the air is going into the attic that likely isn’t used or insulated that well as well. This extra work often translates to costly repairs.

Hot and Cold Spots

Leaky ducts create hot and cold spots throughout your house since the air isn’t going where it’s supposed to go. That might mean an entire room could be hotter than the rest of the house. To compensate, often you will turn the temperature down further to try to cool that room or eliminate those spots wasting extra energy.

Preventing Leaky Ducts

Fortunately, it’s an easy solution to fix leaky ducts. It’s also much more affordable to fix the leaks than it is to pay for the extra energy bills or repairs on your air conditioner. Call in a licensed contractor to check your ductwork and seal any leaks. It will lower your utility bills and improve the efficiency and life of your air conditioner.

We hear the question, “Is duct cleaning a waste of money?” a lot. When air duct cleaning is done at the right time by a professional HVAC technician, it can save you money in the long run.

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