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4 Telltale Signs of a Dirty HVAC Unit

If you would like to get ready for the summer and make sure you stay cool in the heat, it might be time to schedule a professional HVAC unit checkup in your Shreveport, Louisiana, home. This will help to prevent reduced efficiency and indoor air pollution. Below, you will find a few tips on how to tell that your HVAC unit needs cleaning so it can maximize it’s cooling ability this summer.

Higher-Than-Usual Energy Bills

If your bills are higher than you’re used to and your energy supplier hasn’t changed its prices, chances are there are some issues that need addressing in your heating and air conditioning system that are reducing its efficiency. A clogged filter might increase your HVAC unit’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent. It makes financial sense to arrange a regular tuneup with your local heating and air conditioning expert.

Warm Air Coming from the AC

When your blower fan filter is clogged, you might need to deal with reduced airflow. In some cases, the heating or cooling elements might have a mechanical fault caused by debris and dust in the system. You need to talk to a professional to diagnose the cause of this issue.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If there’s not enough air going through the system, condensation happens and the evaporator coils can freeze. This will reduce the performance of your air conditioner, and your hot air will take more energy and time to cool down. If you notice frozen coils, you should contact a heating and air conditioning contractor, as this can lead to the complete breakdown of your system, and often indicates low refrigerant or a number of other issues.

Unpleasant Smells

If you notice unusual metallic or earthy smells coming from your vents, you might be dealing with condensation, dust, or debris that need to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid high bills, health risks, and system breakdowns.

Shreveport / Bossier HVAC Maintenance Contractor

Regular maintenance will help your HVAC system last longer.

If you would like to arrange an air conditioning tuneup, get in touch with Pioneer Comfort Systems to arrange a full diagnosis. Call us at 318-795-8000 to talk to a Shreveport HVAC expert.