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4 Important Heat Pump Features

Heat pumps are well known for being highly efficient, but there are several additional components that can be added to a heat pump that will boost performance even further. When looking for a new heating and cooling system for your home, consider the following heat pump features that are guaranteed to boost efficiency and reduce operating costs.

What are the Most Important Heat Pump Features?

Improved Compressor Options

Dual-speed compressors can run at two different levels depending on the cooling needs inside your home. When less cooling is needed, dual-speed compressors work at a lower level that uses less energy and costs less to operate.

Scroll compressors boost system efficiency by improving the compression of the heat-transferring refrigerant inside the heat pump. They consist of two spiral-shaped units, or scrolls — one that stays still and another that rotates around the stationary scroll. The action forces the refrigerant into increasingly smaller areas, increasing compression and system efficiency.

Variable-Speed Blower Motor

The blower is the component that forces heated and cooled air through the ductwork and out into your home. A variable-speed model works at different levels depending on how much heating or cooling is needed. When the variable-speed motor works on its lowest level, it consumes less energy and saves money on indoor comfort bills.


Desuperheaters can recapture heat that would otherwise be moved out of your home during the system’s cooling operations. It uses that heat to produce hot water for residential use. Desuperheaters can be up to three times more efficient than standard electric water heaters.

Backup Heating

Heat pumps contain a set of electrical resistance coils that kick in to provide heating when temperatures drop to around 32 degrees — the point at which heat pumps lose significant amounts of efficiency. Some models can also include backup burners to supplement the heat produced by these coils.

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