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How to Locate Air Filter in Home

It’s important to know where your air filter is so that you can swap it with a new one every three months. If you’re having trouble finding the filter in your Shreveport, Louisiana, home, try these three tricks for hunting it down.

Evaluate Your HVAC Unit

The first place you should look for your HVAC filter is on the unit itself. Locate your interior HVAC unit and look at it to see where the return duct meets the air handler. If the air duct enters from the top, the filter will probably be above the unit. If the air duct connects on the bottom, look for your filter under the air handler. Some systems have the air duct on the side with a filter sitting vertically beside the unit.

Check the Air Grills

If you don’t see an air filter anywhere on the HVAC unit, try searching the return air grills. Some systems will have one or more filters located behind the air grills. Open each grill in the home to make sure you find them all. If you have multiple filters, it’s important to take the time to change them all.

Read Your User Manual

Your furnace or air conditioner should have come with a user manual that provides all the information you need to change your filter successfully. If you haven’t had any luck locating the filter on your own, the manual should have all the details you need. If you misplaced it, check the brand and model of your unit and look for it online. By doing a quick search, you can probably find PDF copies of the maintenance manual.

Changing your air filter is only one part of your regular maintenance routine. You should also schedule twice-yearly tune-ups. If you haven’t had your tune-up this year, call Pioneer Comfort Systems at 318-795-8000. If you have any more questions about your air filter, one of our experienced technicians can give you helpful tips.