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How Your Thermostat Affects Your Louisiana Home’s Energy Efficiency

You may not realize how much control your thermostat has on the energy efficiency of the unit in your Shreveport, Louisiana, home. Take advantage of all the capabilities on your thermostat to get the most out of it. 

Temperature Setbacks

Setting back your temperature during the day saves energy. If your thermostat is programmed correctly, it will warm up or cool down your home by the time you get home from work, and you will never be able to tell the difference. The key is to learn all the functions on your thermostat, and make sure you take full advantage to get the most energy savings out of your system.

Correct Temperature Adjustments

If you have a traditional thermostat, it’s difficult to adjust your thermostat one or two degrees. What ends up happening is you turn up the heat too much, and then you have to turn it back down when it gets too warm.  Installing a programmable thermostat saves you energy, since you can just change the temperature one degree at a time, making sure you don’t waste extra energy cooling down or warming up your home.

Energy-Efficient Settings

The closer you set your indoor temperature to the outdoor temperature, the better your energy savings will be. Obviously, when it’s freezing cold or incredibly hot, you probably won’t be able to get very close. Just knowing that the closer the temperatures are to matching, the more efficient your system will be. Try to set it as low or as high as tolerable to get it as close as possible.

Also, don’t over do it when you change the temperature. Your home won’t heat up or cool down any faster just because you’ve dramatically changed the temperature. Most likely, you will just waste extra energy, and then you’ll waste even more when the home becomes too cool or too warm. 

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