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The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Fixing a problem with a major sewer line used to be an expensive, time-consuming ordeal. Moreover, yesterday’s technicians had to dig deep into people’s yards to access their pipes, leaving a huge mark on a homeowner’s landscaping and potentially damaging the land. Luckily, modern plumbing technology has mitigated many of these issues. Take a closer look at what trenchless lines are, how they work, and why they benefit homeowners in Louisiana.

What Are Trenchless Lines?

Trenchless lines are a way to repair or replace sewer lines. Traditional trenching requires digging down to the sewer line, meaning tearing up a lawn or even destroying a sidewalk or driveway. With trenchless lines, a technician can use the existing sewer line to fix the problem with only minimal digging.

How Do Trenchless Lines Work?

Pipe lining and pipe bursting are two types of trenchless lines. With pipelining, a flexible tube is pulled through the sewer line to where the damage is. The line is then inflated, creating a new pipe inside the old one. Pipe bursting is a similar process where the new pipe is pulled through the damaged line. The new line then bursts the old pipe and completely replaces it.

What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Lines in Shreveport?

Homeowners who use trenchless lines to repair plumbing problems can look forward to some awesome benefits. For example, trenchless lines are more expensive up front, but you won’t have to worry about repairing the massive damage that extensive digging will do to your property. A traditional repair will require digging a deep ditch down to the line and may even mean destroying your driveway or making a huge mess in your front yard. Pipelining needs only one access hole and pipe bursting only requires two access holes.

Shreveport Trenchless Pipe Replacement

In addition to many other plumbing and HVAC services in Louisiana, Pioneer Comfort Systems offers trenchless pipe replacement in Shreveport and Shreveport emergency plumbing services for dealing with a burst pipe. You can reach us at 318-795-8000 for emergencies after hours or to arrange weekend services.