Why Are My AC Coils So Important?

The summers of Shreveport are especially warm, which is why many homeowners in this Louisiana town depend on air conditioning for survival from May to mid-August. Unfortunately, many homeowners also report they have trouble getting their air conditioners to work. To limit the likelihood that you’ll meet the same problem, you should regularly clean the AC coils.

If you don’t see the point of keeping the air conditioner coils clean, read on.

What Is the Purpose of AC Coils?

There are two types of air conditioner coils: the evaporator and the condenser coils. While the evaporator coils remove the heat from the space of your home, the condenser coils release the heat to outside the home. Therefore, air conditioner coils are important in keeping the air within your home cool and comfortable, even on the hottest Louisiana days.

Why Do AC Coils Need to Remain Clean?

Homeowners should clean the air conditioner coils to avoid the breakdown of the air conditioning unit. Some common issues that result from a homeowner’s failure to clean the air conditioner coils include accumulation of ice on the unit, decreased transfer of heat, and energy inefficiency.

If homeowners don’t want their air conditioner to lose the ability to cool their home without skyrocketing the cost of the energy bill, they should not neglect to keep the AC coils clean.

How Will a Technician Clean the AC Coils?

A technician will need to gain access to the AC coils before he or she can clean them. To do this, the technician will turn off the AC unit using the thermostat, find the access panel, and remove the screws. Some methods homeowners can expect their technician to use to clean the air conditioning coils include water and detergent, commercial cleaners, and compressed air.

The technician may use a pressure washer, a strong detergent, or a steam cleaner to clean the AC coils if they need a deeper clean.

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