4 Lesser-Known Thermostat Options

Designed to control your home’s temperature and keep your family comfortable, thermostats can be game-changers for your Shreveport home. Not all thermostats have the same capabilities, however. From smartphone reminders to humidity sensors, take a look at four lesser-known smart thermostat options.

1. Handheld Remote Controls

Whether you’re in the middle of a great movie or you’ve just settled into bed, getting up to adjust the thermostat isn’t always convenient. With a handheld remote control, however, you can change the temperature from anywhere in your home.

Keep the remote device next to the bed, on the coffee table, or in the kitchen, and you’ll always have temperature control within arm’s reach. Many of these devices also control the various zones throughout your home, so you can preemptively adjust the temperature in another part of your home, even if you’re several rooms away.

These types of controllers typically come with mini-split HVAC systems.

2. Smartphone Reminders

When life gets busy, it isn’t always easy to remember to keep your thermostat optimized. If you’re constantly forgetting to turn the heat down when you leave the house in the morning or change the air filter, smartphone reminders will make your day. Some smart thermostats even have geolocation capabilities, so they can send you reminders as you’re leaving or returning home.

3. Energy Reports

Whether you want to go green or you simply want to lower your utility costs, smart thermostats make it easy to reduce your energy needs. Take a look at your device’s energy report at the end of every month, and pinpoint days or times when your HVAC system used the most energy. Then adjust your heating and cooling patterns to lower your household’s energy consumption.

4. Humidity Sensors

When summertime humidity levels get sky-high, your smart thermostat’s humidity sensor can keep things running smoothly. These devices work with your HVAC system’s dehumidifier to keep moisture levels reasonable and enable your HVAC system to run as efficiently as possible.

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