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4 Common Myths That May Be Sabotaging Your Home Energy Savings

If you’re not getting accurate information about how to save energy around your home, you won’t be successful at cutting consumption and lowering costs. Here, we’ll debunk four home energy myths that can derail your best efforts.

Myths That May Be Wasting Energy in Your Home

  1. Myth: Investing in ultra-efficient HVAC equipment guarantees energy savings.
    Fact: Even the most efficient equipment on the market can’t provide optimal energy savings unless it’s properly sized and installed. Hire a qualified, experienced HVAC contractor who knows a detailed load calculation is necessary to determine the correct equipment size. Make sure that your existing ductwork is assessed as well, since poorly-designed or leaky ducts can cause the loss of up to 30 percent of HVAC equipment output.
  2. Myth: Making radical thermostat adjustments speeds home heating or cooling.
    Fact: The thermostat is really just an on-off switch that tells the HVAC system to start or stop at a desired temperature. Overcompensating on the temperature setting only makes the equipment run for a longer period, which burns through more energy. If your goal is to save energy, switch to a programmable thermostat and program in temperature setbacks that match your daily and weekly schedule.
  3. Myth: Not shutting off lights, appliances and electronics saves energy.
    Fact: The brief energy surge that occurs when a device first starts up consumes considerably less energy than leaving the item running when it’s not being used. Advancements in technology have also eliminated the problem of shortened life spans due to repeated start-ups, so shutting items down to save energy carries no risk of harm.
  4. Myth: It costs more to buy energy efficient products.
    Fact: It can seem as though there’s a premium on energy efficiency, but that’s because ultra-efficient products are often top-of-the-line models loaded with other costly features. When it comes to HVAC equipment, choosing the most energy efficient option may even reduce upfront costs if your HVAC contractor determines that a smaller, accurately-sized model can effectively heat and cool your home.

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