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3 Ways to Save on Landscaping

If you’re looking to improve the landscaping of your Bossier City, Louisiana, property, you may start to realize just how much money this endeavor could end up costing you. However, with some simple tips, you can cut the cost of landscaping without sacrificing the beauty of your outdoor living space.

Reduce the Lawn Size

Maintaining a massive lawn is expensive and time-consuming, so the first tip to save on landscaping is to reduce the amount of grass on the property. Grass does look nice, but it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking lush, full, and green. More often than not, the lawn ends up becoming a breeding ground for weeds, insects, and other pests, making it difficult to keep it healthy.

What you replace the lawn with is up to you and your personal preferences. You might choose something low-maintenance, like rocks or gravel. Another option is to add more trees and shrubs around the smaller lawn, which keeps it green without requiring as much yard maintenance. Ground cover plants will also look full and lush in your yard.

Opt for Budget-Friendly Plants

Importing plants from other parts of the country is pricey, so stick to plants and flowers that are native to the Bossier City area to help you save money. If you’re not sure which plants grow here naturally, talk to a local landscape architect to find out what will work in your yard. You can also look for native plants at your local plant nursery. 

Create More Shade

Large trees can create shade in your yard, which is appealing when you’re hanging out with kids or enjoying your favorite drink. Another benefit of shade from trees is that they cast shadows on the house, reducing the cost of heating and cooling the interior of your home.

In the wintertime, you may need to take extra measures to prevent pipes from freezing.

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