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3 Signs Your Plumbing is Outdated

Do you wonder about the state of the plumbing in your Benton, Louisiana, home? If so, the best option is to do a few simple checks to see whether your plumbing needs replacement. Here’s how you know if your home is at risk of an impending burst.

Old or Dangerous Piping Materials

Brass, iron, and galvanized steel piping can last between 80 and 100 years. Copper, however, lasts 70 to 80 years, and PVC only lasts from 25 to 40. Start by checking which materials you have and when they were installed. You can count on pipes surviving to the lower end of those date ranges if they haven’t been regularly maintained.

If your home has lead pipes, consider replacing the entire system for health reasons. If your home has flimsy polybutylene pipes, we recommend replacing these pipes with a more durable material.

Discolored Water

If water from any of your faucets appears yellow or brown, this might be a sign of rust. Discoloration could also be caused by rust in a water heater tank, but either way, it’s a second strike for your pipes. Remember that this issue isn’t just a health concern. It’s also a water damage concern.

Get a closer look at the situation by collecting and inspecting some water from showers and other sources that you don’t commonly drink from. Make sure all of the water is as clear as what you would drink, because otherwise the old pipes behind these outlets could sprout a leak you can’t reach, damaging internal parts of your home.

Leaking or Corroded Pipes

Contrary to what you might think, a single leaking pipe is a big deal. In general, all the pipes in a supply system are the same age, so if there’s one leak now, the others may start leaking soon. Corrosion isn’t as obvious, but you should look for discoloration, flakes, and stains in areas with leaks. These days, pipe relining, raised-height toilets, and other plumbing improvements put you at less risk of water damage for decades to come. Call the professional Shreveport plumbers at Pioneer Comfort Systems at 318-795-8000 for an inspection of your current plumbing system or to get your questions answered about newer plumbing technology.