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Residents of Shreveport, Louisiana, have been trusting Pioneer Comfort Systems for all of their HVAC needs for nearly 60 years. Not only do we provide routine maintenance for both commercial and residential clients, but we also sell and install top-of-the-line new units as needed. When you need to replace an old, malfunctioning unit, trust our expert technicians to complete the commercial AC installation process quickly and efficiently. We have the tools and skills necessary to ensure that your new unit is installed correctly so?

it can keep your commercial building at a comfortable temperature for both employees and customers.

Get Your Commercial AC Unit Installed by Professionals!

When it?s time to install a new HVAC system, quality matters. At Pioneer Comfort Systems, we only top-of-the-line American Standard products because we know they offer a lifetime of superior heating and cooling. Not only do they operate efficiently and evenly to keep your entire building at a comfortable temperature, but they also last for many years. Our technicians are well-versed in maintaining many brands of HVAC units but specialize in installing American Standard systems.

The installation process for commercial HVAC units is similar to that of residential ones. However, commercial units are larger and more complex so they require specialized skills and knowledge for proper installation. You can expect the technicians at Pioneer Comfort Systems to perform the following steps when installing a new commercial HVAC unit.

  • Calculate the size of your building: The installation process starts by determining which size unit you need to maintain the temperature of your commercial building. Our technicians will calculate the square footage of your building to determine which size will be most efficient for your heating and cooling needs.
  • Place the unit: Our technicians will determine the best placement for the unit and set it in place.
  • Connect the drain line: HVAC units give off condensation as they run. Drain lines remove the liquid so it doesn?t interfere with the efficiency of the system. After setting the unit in place, our technicians connect the drain lines to keep condensation from collecting on the unit.
  • Connect tubing: HVAC units have many tubes that keep them supplied with the refrigerant they need to operate effectively. Our technicians make sure each of these connections is tight and secure so no refrigerant can leak out.
  • Clean the unit: Dirt, dust, and debris can interfere with the efficiency of the unit so we will make sure there is none left behind by the installation process. Our technicians will wipe down the unit to ensure no debris is left.
  • Test the system: We want to make sure everything is working properly before we leave so the final step is to test the entire system. Not only do we want to make sure it heats and cools appropriately, but we also want to ensure it does so evenly so you don?t have spots in your building that are too hot or too cold. If we notice any issues, we?ll resolve them immediately and if the system checks on, the installation process is complete.


Why Choose Us

The expert technicians at Pioneer Comfort Systems are dedicated to providing you with exceptional HVAC service. We have the knowledge needs to meet all of your airflow and air quality needs and we can install a new system for you quickly and efficiently. All of our technicians are NATE-certified so you can be confident that we will complete each job thoroughly and help your commercial building stay at a comfortable temperature. Because we only carry and install top-of-the-line equipment, you can trust that all of our units are high-quality and built to last.

We are ready to provide you with the commercial air conditioning installation you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so we can help you find the right unit and get it installed in your commercial building.

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