Preventative Plumbing Maintenance & Servicing In Shreveport

At Pioneer Comfort, we’re dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors live as comfortably as possible, and there are few greater luxuries of modern life than indoor plumbing. We all depend on plumbing systems every day to cook, clean, and wash ourselves and any plumbing issue directly impacts our quality of life. That’s why we’re proud to offer a broad range of plumbing services, including preventive maintenance that will stop those issues in their tracks. Pioneer Comfort Systems has been serving businesses in Shreveport, Louisiana, for nearly 60 years. You can trust us to help maintain, repair, and replace your plumbing system as needed. Our skilled technicians are trained to identify potential problems in your plumbing system and keep it running smoothly to save you money on significant expenses.

Why Maintaining Plumbing Is Important

There are many reasons that plumbing systems malfunction. Clogged drains, cracked pipes, and leaky fixtures can all cause sudden damage that is expensive to repair. The earlier you identify the problem, the easier it is to repair, which is one reason maintenance is so important. When our technicians thoroughly inspect your drains, fixtures, and pipes at least once a year, they can ensure each individual part is functioning properly and identify issues early while they are still easy and relatively inexpensive to fix.

Completing thorough maintenance inspections is important for extending the lifetime of your plumbing system. Our technicians will check the following parts of your plumbing system to ensure the inspection is thorough.

  • Pipes:?We inspect all pipes thoroughly to check them for cracks or leaks. If we discover a leaky connection, we will apply a sealant to keep the pipe functioning.
  • Fixtures:?We examine toilets, tub drains, and sink faucets to ensure they are functioning properly. If faucets drip continuously or water drains too slowly from the tub, we know there is a problem that needs to be resolved.
  • Drains:?We ensure water drains steadily from your sinks and tubs. If water drains slowly or we notice strange sounds from the toilet when you run your dishwasher or washing machine, we know there is a problem with your draining system.

If these three types of plumbing parts pass inspection, your system is likely working properly. However, our technicians will go the extra mile and look for pools of water underneath pipes and check for the musty odor that indicates aging pipes. If your pipes are old, we may apply a protective sealant to extend their lifetime. We may also wrap exposed piped in insulation to protect them from freezing temperatures, which often cause pipes to crack.

While our maintenance inspections are often enough to ensure your plumbing system stays in good condition, there are a few tips you can use to keep it from malfunctioning. During cold snaps, wrap your pipes with old towels to keep them from cracking. It would help if you also let your faucets drip slowly during extremely cold weather to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting. Avoid flushing anything except bath tissue down the toilet and try to unclog sink and tub drains periodically to keep them working efficiently. Finally, make it a habit to check exposed pipes for leaks at least once a week and contact Pioneer Comfort Systems immediately if you find a leak so we can diagnose the issue and resolve it quickly.

A Typical Maintenance Visit

Your home’s plumbing systems are fairly complex machines with many interconnected parts, so we take our time to thoroughly inspect them during each visit. Here’s a sample of what we do:

  • Check and fix leaks in faucets and showers
  • Clear slow or stopped drains
  • Fix running toilets
  • Check and clean faucet aerators
  • Look for leaks and other issues in the garbage disposal
  • Check the water pressure
  • Inspect the water heater for leaks

During each maintenance visit, our expert plumbers will be sure to diagnose any emerging issues and make adjustments with efficiency in mind.

Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

Of course, the greatest benefit of one of our plumbing maintenance plans is prevention. If left unchecked, even a small issue can lead to serious damage and expensive home repairs down the road. We’ll locate any emerging issues and fix them before they can turn into big problems, avoiding the costs and massive headaches associated with a plumbing issue.

You won’t have to wait that long to get a good return on your investment in maintenance, though. A well-maintained system is an efficient system, and we’ll eliminate any minor inefficiencies that could be costing you money. In time, those savings can add up to a small fortune.

With one of our plumbing maintenance plans, you also get 24/7 access to our full complement of highly trained, professional plumbers. We know that plumbing issues can strike at any time, and we’re always available to help our valued customers when an issue emerges. Whether you have a leak, an overflowing toilet, a busted water heater or any other plumbing problem, a maintenance agreement will help you get help that much sooner.

Finally, investing in professional plumbing maintenance will give you financial security and peace of mind. We offer flat rate, upfront pricing, so you’ll never be left to wonder how much it’s going to cost to get the job done. Moreover, you’ll be able to rest assured that your essential plumbing systems have been inspected and maintained by some of the best professionals in the business. In a world where there are always dozens of demands on your time, it’s nice to have one less thing on your mind.

Why Choose Us

Our top priority is client satisfaction, so we are committed to providing superior customer service. Each of our technicians has the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to complete thorough inspections of your plumbing system. If we do find any issues, we can replace specific parts or the entire system depending upon your individual needs. We use state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals when we need to make repairs so you can feel comfortable trusting us with your system.

Pioneer Comfort Systems is ready to assist you with all of your plumbing needs. One of the best things you can do to extend the lifetime of your plumbing system is to have it inspected and serviced regularly. Our technicians are prepared to inspect your entire plumbing system periodically to keep it operating at peak efficiency and keep you from having to make expensive repairs.?Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing maintenance services and schedule an appointment.

We’ve been serving the Shreveport area for over half a century, and we’re proud to have partnered with hundreds of families through plumbing maintenance plans. Give us a call to see how our plumbing team can help you.

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Water Heater Clean & Check

At Pioneer Comfort, we’re dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors live as comfortably as possible, and there are few greater luxuries of modern life than indoor plumbing. We all depend on plumbing systems every day to cook, clean, and wash ourselves and any plumbing issue directly impacts our quality of life. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Water Heater Clean & Check for as low as $99.

This is a once per year maintenance service that includes flushing of the water heater to remove sediment buildup to help prolong life and function of the water heater.?Cleaning this buildup out will allow the unit to run more efficiently for the remainder of its lifetime.

Disclaimer: Due to age and condition some units may not be eligible for the Clean & Check