How Often Should I Service My Heating System?

When temperatures start to drop, and you first turn on your heating system, you need reliable performance to keep your home comfortable. Don?t wait until winter temperatures hit until you inspect your furnace or other heating systems. Find out how often you should receive heating maintenance in Shreveport, LA when to call a professional and the benefits of choosing a reliable professional.


Heating System Components

Your heater is an essential part of your home. Do you know how it works? Understanding the central components of a central heating system helps you to notice warning signs that you may need emergency repair services. Here are the basic parts of most heating systems:

  • Furnace
  • Heat exchanger
  • Blower
  • Thermostat
  • Ductwork
  • Vents
  • Fuel source (natural gas, propane, electricity, wood or other sources)

A furnace is a common heating system in most homes. However, your home may also have a mini-split ductless heating system, electric heating or a fireplace. These alternative heating systems require specialized maintenance, but can still be serviced by a qualified HVAC technician. Ask a local service provider for more information about maintaining your alternative heating system.

When operating efficiently, your heating system is out of sight and out of mind. When you adjust your thermostat, it sends signals to your furnace, which immediately turns on when the temperature in your home is too cool. Warm, filtered air is blown through vents around your home until the temperature reaches the temperature on the thermostat.


Signs That Your Heating System Needs Maintenance

Inadequate maintenance can cause your heating system to underperform in a number of ways. Without routine maintenance, you may experience higher utility bills, reduced air quality, reduced temperatures, or an inoperable heating system. Look for these signs before you maintain your heating system or contact a professional for emergency repairs.

  • Increased utility bills: Higher energy costs may be a sign that your furnace is working too hard. A clogged air filter is the most likely culprit, although there could be issues with the furnace or thermostat.
  • Odd sounds: Any unusual sounds could be the result of internal damage, such as loose parts. Don?t let a loose part turn into a major repair project.
  • Constant cycling: Excessive cycling, which is when your furnace turns on and off frequently, could be a sign of a clogged filter, improperly adjusted thermostat or internal issues.
  • Poor air quality: Notice more dust and debris than usual in your home? Poor indoor air quality is a sign that your filter isn?t working properly.


Benefits of Routine Maintenance

From a simple replacement filter to a comprehensive furnace tune-up, routine maintenance can dramatically increase your indoor air quality, utility bills and comfort. Some maintenance steps are easy for homeowners to perform, while others require an experienced technician. Keep yourself safe by hiring an HVAC technician for major repairs, but find out how you can benefit from proper, routine furnace maintenance today.


DIY Furnace Maintenance

The first thing you can do to maintain your furnace is a simple inspection. This is particularly important if your furnace is in the basement, closet or somewhere where you can?t hear it very well during operation. Be careful not to touch the furnace while it?s on, particularly if you believe there may be an electrical issue. Don?t attempt to open your furnace on your own, but listen to it to see if you can hear any unusual sounds.

Next, replacing your furnace filter is a crucial maintenance step that you can take on your own. Check your owner?s manual to see where your furnace filter is and what size is needed. Remove and inspect your old furnace filter. If it?s damaged or covered with dust, it may be time to replace it.

Filters also have an expiration date, typically three months. If you haven?t replaced your filter in this time frame, it?s a good idea to upgrade to a new one in order to save on your utility bill.

Furnace filters have two dimensions printed on the side, so be sure you select a filter with matching dimensions. An improper filter size may not fit or may allow unfiltered air to pass.

Finally, the most important point of DIY maintenance is to not get in over your head. Don?t endanger yourself or your home by trying to save money. Even if you believe you know the maintenance issue, don?t attempt any furnace maintenance until you?ve spoken with a qualified professional. Beyond replacing a filter, listening and performing a visual inspection, it?s best to leave it to the professionals.


When to Contact a Professional

If you notice any unusual sounds, damaged ductwork or your furnace isn?t working, it?s time to contact a professional. DIY maintenance work can save you money, but your heating system is a highly complex piece of equipment that uses high-voltage electricity and often propane or natural gas. It?s best to let the professionals handle more complex repair situations.

When you contact a professional, you?ll receive comprehensive diagnostics and repair services. An experienced HVAC technician will test your furnace to be sure it?s working properly. A technician can also see whether you have the right furnace size for your home. Older homes or homes with a new addition may have an undersized heating system. Systems that are too small or too large for your home will work inefficiently, either struggling to reach comfortable temperatures or increasing your utility bills.

Finally, professional technicians can spot signs of wear and tear. As a furnace reaches the end of its life, a technician can help you find the right repair parts or replacement heating systems for your home. You?ll enjoy turn-key servicing of your new heating system, or emergency services to restore your old heating system.


Benefits of Choosing Pioneer Comfort Systems

While homes in Shreveport, LA, and the surrounding area have many excellent HVAC technicians to choose from, few can compare with the long-lasting and high-quality heating services of Pioneer Comfort Systems. Our team offers skilled local technicians who understand the unique climate considerations of Shreveport.

When you need emergency services, many companies charge overtime for weekend and after-hours servicing. We run a number of specials to help you save money and don?t add additional fees for after-hours and weekend servicing.

While we?re inspecting your heating system, our versatile team can also check your air conditioning and plumbing for any other maintenance needs. Don?t worry about contacting multiple companies for your home?s HVAC and plumbing repairs, but take advantage of our comprehensive services by dedicated, experienced professionals.

We?re committed to providing affordable solutions. From minor repairs to extensive heating system replacement, we?re confident that we can exceed the minimum building codes and local, state and federal standards for quality repairs and installation of your HVAC system.


Schedule Prompt Maintenance Services Today

Whether you need an emergency residential HVAC service in Shreveport, LA, or you would like to learn more about how you can maintain your heating system and start saving money today, contact us at Pioneer Comfort Systems. We pride ourselves in providing quality HVAC services for your residential and commercial needs.

Start saving money today by replacing your air filter, inspecting your furnace and turning to an industry-leading HVAC company. Enjoy a warm, toasty home all winter long with proper maintenance and professional repairs and affordable pricing.

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