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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Is a Must

If you don’t have an HVAC maintenance plan for your commercial property, then you might as well be lighting your cash on fire. Strong words, yet true. The average commercial building wastes 30 percent of its energy usage, according to the Energy Department. A major utility company emphasizes that a good commercial HVAC maintenance plan can reduce overall maintenance costs by 40 percent, with added savings in energy consumption from improved performance. It’s easy to put off thinking about the HVAC until a problem comes up, but with a good commercial HVAC contractor on your side, you can get more from your heating and cooling system without taking time away from your business.

Custom HVAC Maintenance Plans

Every company has specific needs for heating, cooling and humidity control. Pioneer Comfort Systems specializes in creating customized plans to fit the needs of your business. Our techs will:

  • Discuss the age and repair history of the system, as well as any current concerns that you have.
  • Account for how much the system runs and what you need it to do. Our recommendations for a business that operates 24/7 will differ from our plan for a company that’s open during the day Monday through Friday. Longer operating hours bring more wear and tear.
  • Look at your typical monthly energy bills and note whether usage has started to climb.


The Pioneer Difference

Every Pioneer tech is trained to deliver excellent customer service and to act professionally, and we always leave the work area looking as good as or better than we found it. At the end of each visit, we provide a report on the work performed with notes about any areas of future concern.

To learn more about HVAC maintenance, visit our commercial services page or call (318) 795-8000 to arrange for a commercial HVAC maintenance consultation. Your comfort is our business.