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7 Energy-Efficient Bathroom Upgrades

If you?re a Stonewall, Louisiana, resident considering a bathroom renovation, you?re in luck. Today?s modern, innovative upgrade options will make your bathroom more energy-efficient, helping to save the environment along with your hard-earned money. Before undertaking that upcoming remodeling project, consider implementing some of these ideas.

Energy-Efficient Windows

The majority of a home?s energy escapes through poorly insulated windows. When upgrading your bathroom, it?s important to install Energy Star-rated windows that prevent the room from getting too hot or too cold. Energy-efficient windows are offered in a range of styles and colors, allowing you to customize your bathroom without sacrificing functionality.

Exhaust Fans

Every bathroom needs an exhaust fan, especially if it doesn?t have a window you can crack open when the humidity starts to build up. When the moist air in your bathroom can?t escape, mold and mildew can build up, and damage can result in the form of peeling paint, deteriorating plumbing fixtures, failing drywall, warped doors, and other issues.

Even if your bathroom has a window that you can open, there?s still no guarantee that the humidity created by your morning shower won?t leave behind excess moisture and unpleasant odors. That’s why it’s essential to have an exhaust fan in your bathroom.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

When you?re trying to create a more energy-efficient home, few things are as affordable as switching out your light bulbs. Compact fluorescent and LED lights are an eco-conscious alternative to incandescent bulbs. You?ll also want to consider the type of lighting fixtures you choose for your bathroom renovation, as fixtures with multiple bulbs use more energy.  

Best of all, you can find energy-efficient ambient lights on the market that lend your bathroom a spa-like feel, all without draining your bank account.

Radiant Heating

This upgrade is certainly ambitious and might feel a little over-the-top, but it?s more accessible than you might think. Underfloor radiant heating requires professional installation, but the benefits are tremendous. Radiant systems provide even heat across your otherwise cold tile, laminate, or linoleum floor.

Although the upgrade is certainly an investment, radiant floor heating provides exceptional cost savings over time. In fact, most radiant heat systems are designed to last up to 40 years before requiring replacement. That?s more than the typical furnace.

High-Efficiency Fixtures

Any bathroom upgrade should ideally include a high-efficiency showerhead and faucet. High-efficiency showerheads are designed to reduce the fixture?s water flow rate at least by half when compared to a conventional showerhead. Similarly, a faucet upgrade reduces your water usage every time you wash your hands or brush your teeth. 

Modern fixtures are also designed to maintain constant pressure while reducing flow, so you never have to compromise on performance to save water.

Counters and Flooring

While bathroom countertops and traditional flooring don?t exactly contribute to energy savings, your choice of materials could make or break your renovation budget. Not only that, it could affect your long-term home maintenance costs.

For example, wood is a great option if you love the natural look, but you?ll need to protect it from water moisture. Tile floors are traditional yet modern, offering an excellent solution regardless of your style aesthetic.

Low-Flow Toilet

Most new homes are being built with dual-flush toilets. These have two settings, one of which uses less water to flush than the other. Even if you don?t have a dedicated low-flow toilet, a flush converter kit allows you to enjoy the same eco-friendly benefits on the cheapest budget.

When upgrading any plumbing appliance, especially a toilet, you?ll want to enlist the help of plumbing professionals. Our renovation and remodeling experts are happy to install products you purchase yourself. We even offer our own systems, giving you access to the best and latest products.

Renovate your home with the latest energy-efficient upgrades to help lower your costs in the long run. Whether you?ve already started your project or you?re planning ahead, give Pioneer Comfort Systems a call at 318-795-8000. We?ll be happy to help you see your project to completion while providing the best plumbing installation and repair services around.

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