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4 Ways to Keep Heat Out of Your Home This Summer

During the summer, you know just how hot it gets both inside and outside the home. However, you don’t have to live with heat making your home uncomfortable. By following a few easy tips, you can keep the summer heat out of your Shreveport, Louisiana, home. Here’s how:

Landscaping Considerations

Your landscaping can actually help control temperatures inside the home. Shade trees and shrubs help keep the sunlight out naturally. As a result, your home’s temperature can drop considerably. Plus, the landscaping adds a fresh, lovely appearance to the outside of your home.

Get An HVAC Tuneup

If you haven’t had an HVAC tune-up in some time, it’s definitely something you should think about. Without proper care, your air conditioner’s performance can suffer, cause temperatures to rise, and energy bills to get out of hand. You generally should schedule this tuneup in the spring before the summer starts, but if you can’t get to it then, try to do it before the high temperatures of mid- to late summer hit.

Lower the Relative Humidity

Humidity is a major cause of feeling uncomfortable in your home. To combat excessive indoor humidity, you can buy a new air conditioner, or use a dehumidifier. Houseplants can also help control the relative humidity. If you can lower the humidity to about 40 percent, your home will feel much more comfortable, even when temperatures are elevated.

Keep the Blinds Closed

When you keep the blinds closed, you can significantly impact the overall temperature of your home. When direct sunlight enters through your window, the effect is similar to a convection oven, causing the temperature to rise. If you don’t have blinds, consider installing curtains, as they can act just as efficiently as blinds, if not more. When coupled with landscaping, window coverings are a smart way to reduce heat in the home.

These simple tips give you some easy ways to keep your home cool all summer long. However, that isn’t always enough. If you need extra care for your air conditioner or some expert advice, call the professionals of Pioneer Comfort Systems. You can reach us at 318-795-8000.

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