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3 Top Indoor Air Quality Concerns for Louisiana Homeowners

When you live in Natchitoches, Louisiana, hot, sticky weather is a way of life. Inside your cool, comfortable home, however, you want the air to be free from high humidity, stale air, and chemical contaminants. Learn why your home struggles with these common indoor air quality concerns and find out how to manage them effectively.

Excessive Humidity

Keeping your windows closed is a smart way to prevent waves of hot, humid air from entering your home, but that alone isn’t usually enough to tackle serious moisture problems. Make your HVAC system part of the solution by setting the humidity level between 30 and 50 percent.

If your cooling system can’t keep humidity at a reasonable level, talk with the experienced HVAC technicians at Pioneer Comfort Systems about a whole-home dehumidifier. This device works with your HVAC system to control humidity and lighten the load on your cooling system.

Stale Air

If you live in a newly constructed home with a tight building envelope, or you’ve made efforts to seal air leaks to increase overall energy efficiency, your home might suffer from stale air. Install ceiling fans to get the air moving throughout your home, or take air circulation to the next level by incorporating mechanical ventilation.

These systems flush out stale air while maintaining a steady supply of fresh air. Energy recovery ventilators even capture the energy from the outgoing air to lower energy consumption and keep the air clean.

Chemical Contaminants

From furniture to flooring to wall coverings, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are everywhere. Everyday household items and harsh cleaning products emit these harmful airborne chemicals over time, and removing them from the air aren’t always easy.

To keep your indoor air as pure as possible, consider adding an air cleaner to your HVAC system. These devices capture airborne contaminants as small as .30 microns in size and some models even eliminate bacteria and pathogens to keep your family safe and healthy.

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