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3 Signs to Schedule Routine Plumbing Maintenance

You probably don’t give your plumbing system much thought unless the sewer line breaks or your toilet does its best imitation of Old Faithful. However, regular plumbing maintenance is essential for an efficient and reliable home in Shreveport, Louisiana. To protect your house, look for these three signs that it’s time to schedule plumbing maintenance with a professional.

Your Drains Empty Slowly

After you finish your morning shower and shut off the water, 2 inches of water stay in the tub for another 15 minutes. A clogged drain can indicate a problem in the pipes or with the drain itself. Other drains in the home can clog, as well; the kitchen sink is particularly vulnerable because of all the food particles you wash down the pipes.

If you notice your drains empty slowly, call a professional plumber to diagnose the issue. Avoid commercial drain-clearing products because they can actually complicate the problem, especially if you don’t know the reason behind the clog.

Rust Comes Out of the Tap

If you see red flakes every time you turn on the spigot, or if your water looks brownish-orange, make an appointment with a plumbing contractor. Rust inside your pipes could indicate deteriorating metal. When you upgrade your pipes, you’ll fix the problem.

You might also notice a sulphurlike smell coming from your water or black flakes in your tub basin. All of these issues require professional attention. Even if you don’t need a major repair, regular plumbing maintenance prevents costly fixes down the road.

It’s Been More Than One Year

You take your car to the mechanic every few months for oil changes, fluid refills, and other regular maintenance. Similarly, don’t let your plumbing system go more than a year without a visit from an expert. He or she might find an issue that you can correct at minimal cost.

Regular plumbing maintenance helps keep your pipes in top shape. To schedule a plumbing maintenance service visit, call Pioneer Comfort Systems at 318-795-8000 today.